ESL for the Secondary Science Teacher


Cynthia B. Hunt, Ed.S., Adjunct Professor (University of Alabama at Birmingham); Science Teacher/Sheltered Science Teacher (Decatur City Schools)


6 July - 2 August 2015

Who Should Attend?

  • Secondary science educators who teach English language learners
  • ESL educators who teach science


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What Will I Learn?

Participants explore the role of cultural perspectives in learning science, guiding principles of second language acquisition, and methods of instructional alignment of objectives, teaching, and assessment of scientific learning. Through guided instruction and active engagement, participants explore, plan, and apply principles from TESOL’s PreK–12 English Language Proficiency Standards (2006) and current research. Ultimately, participants will design instruction that aligns content and language standards, teaching methods, and student assessment in secondary science classrooms. 

  • Module 1:  Cultural Perspectives and Learning
    Objective:  Participants explore the role of cultural perspectives in learning science.    
  • Module 2:  SLA Basics
    Objective:  Participants identify the guiding principles of second language acquisition.
  • Module 3:  Scientific Language and Learning
    Objective:  Participants compare best practices in science instruction and SLA.
  • Module 4:  Instructional Design and Assessment
    Objective:  Participants practice aligning TESOL standards and content standards through lesson/assessment design.

About the Instructor

Since 1985, Cindy Hunt, Ed.S., has taught advanced and grade-level secondary science in Decatur City Schools and Auburn City Schools in Alabama. She has also worked as a regional ESL coach with the Alabama Department of Education and as an adjunct ESL instructor with the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her work as a content-area teacher continues to provide relevant experiences for English learners. Ms Hunt currently provides support and training for content-area teachers who teach English learners.  

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